Hi, I'm Syphist

    Hello, you might know me from your friends, and/or you probably remember my website pictured below. I am a transgirl with skills in Linux Black Magic. On my site you will find an assortment of things such as archived Pokemon Mystery Dungeon password generators (don't worry, they aren't going anywhere), my social media and profiles (if you actually care for some reason), and mods I have created. Feel free to browse around. Hope you enjoy this dark corner of the Internet.

    If you are looking for the old version of my website it was removed from my webserver due to it being largely unused and unchanged. You can still view it on The Wayback Machine on archive.org. Sorry if this is an inconvenience, but it was about time I moved on. You can probably expect this page to change sometime in the future too.

Image of Old Website
The old syphist.com

This can found on The Wayback Machine.

Here are some useful pieces of information to find me if you want to for some reason:

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