Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Flavor Text in Job Requests

Save my child

For "Find someone" missions. The evolved form is the client, the baby form is the Pokemon to find.

Beedrill, Weedle
Please rescue Weedle! He's my son! Please!
Pidgeot, Pidgey
Oh, my cute little Pidgey! Please, someone help!
Raticate, Rattata
Rattata is missing! My precious child! Please, won't someone help me?
Raichu, Pichu
Please rescue Pichu! He's a little cutie who can't charge power well yet. Please!
Clefable, Cleffa
Cleffa disappeared! Please let me know if you find my child!
Wigglytuff, Igglybuff
Please find Igglybuff! Oh, where did that child roll off to?! Oh!
Crobat, Zubat
Please rescue Zubat! He's so young he can't even hang from cavern ceilings well!
Vileplume, Oddish
Oddish disappeared from sight! She may be buried somewhere! Someone, please help!
Poliwrath, Poliwag
My baby Poliwag! He wandered off... He only just learned how to walk! Help!
Togetic, Togepi
Help! Togepi's just a baby! I'm worried sick! Please help!
Azumarill, Azurill
Please save my adorable Azurill! Watch for a round and bouncy tail!
Ursaring, Teddiursa
Please find Teddiursa! My baby's head has a cute crescent mark! Help!
Donphan, Phanpy
Please look for Phanpy! My son has a distinctive long nose!
Electabuzz, Elekid
My son can be wild with thunderbolts, but he's kindhearted. Please help!
Magmar, Magby
My baby Magby is lost. I'm worried sick. She's a cheerful child who loves fire.
Tyranitar, Larvitar
Please search for Larvitar! He loves to eat dirt! I need help!
Beautifly, Wurmple
My Wurmple went missing! Please look for the cute spikes on his rear end!
Aggron, Aron
Please find my Aron! He's my only child! Please help!
Flygon, Trapinch
Please find my little Trapinch! My baby is probably lying low!
Walrein, Spheal
Save my baby Spheal! My baby is easy to spot because she likes to roll!
Swellow, Taillow
Please look for Taillow! My baby is very timid, so I'm worried!

Save my friend

For "find someone" missions. Either of the pair can be the client.

Exeggutor, Dodrio: "Please save my friend!"
This precious friend can chat separately with three heads. Please help!
Fearow, Rhydon: "Please save my friend!"
Please save [name], my drilling buddy!
Shellder, Clamperl: "Please save my friend!"
Please save my best friend [name]! We're both bivalves!
Muk, Swalot: "Please save my friend!"
Please rescue [name]. I can't stand to see a sludge buddy hurt!
Meowth, Skitty: "Please save my friend!"
Please rescue [name]! We always play together!
Magikarp, Feebas: "Please save my friend!"
Help! [name] isn't much now, but my friend is amazing after evolution!
Weedle, Wurmple: "Please save my friend!"
Help! I'm friends with [name] because we both evolve fast! Please help!
Cascoon, Silcoon: "Please save my friend!"
We identify with each other because we both evolved from Wurmple. Please help!
Taillow, Pidgey: "Please save my friend!"
[name] and I are of the same height. We're lifelong friends! Please help!
Vulpix, Numel: "Please save my friend!"
Please help [name]--a good friend who shares my love of fire!
Igglybuff, Cleffa: "Please save my friend!"
Please rescue [name]! We've been friends since we were eggs!
Venomoth, Dustox: "Please save my friend!"
Without [name], it's no fun playing with toxic powders! Someone, please help!
Vigoroth, Primeape: "Please save my friend!"
[name] is really noisy. But it's lonely without the racket... Sob...
Poochyena, Growlithe: "Please save my friend!"
I can't play the biting game without my pal [name]! Please help!
Bellsprout, Shuckle: "Please save my friend!"
Please help [name]! Our cries are identical! We can tell each other anything!
Seel, Sealeo: "Please save my friend!"
Someone save [name]--my friend and rival at ball juggling!
Hypno, Mr. Mime: "Please save my friend!"
We promised each other to perform magic and hypnosis shows together. Please help!
Krabby, Corphish: "Please save my friend!"
I want to help [name]! We both have a thing for pincers!
Snorlax, Slaking: "Please save my friend!"
Please help [name]! We're both lazy, so we're comfortable around each other!
Pinsir, Heracross: "Please save my friend!"
I lock horns with [name] for fun. I terribly miss doing that...
Sneasel, Zangoose: "Please save my friend!"
We promised to show each other how sharp our claws could be... Someone, help!
Azurill, Togepi: "Please save my friend!"
Please help [name]! My tiny and round best friend!
Ditto, Sudowoodo: "Please save my friend!"
Without [name] around, there's no one to heckle! Please break my boredom!
Teddiursa, Spinda: "Please save my friend!"
Please save [name]. We're both alike in being kind of vacant and unpredictable!
Slowpoke, Slakoth: "Please save my friend!"
...Help... Please... Who was it?
Noctowl, Murkrow: "Please save my friend!"
Without [name], there's no one for me to play with in the dark! Please help!
Roselia, Bellossom: "Please save my friend!"
I'm sad without [name]'s company. We showed flowers to each other...
Delibird, Pelipper: "Please save my friend!"
Please save [name]. We've been in the delivery business for many years!
Relicanth, Ninetales: "Please save my friend!"
Please save [name]! We're both old-timers who are longtime friends!
Hoppip, Chimecho: "Please save my friend!"
Help [name], please! We often took strolls on the wind!
Misdreavus, Shuppet: "Please save my friend!"
I feel lonely without [name] to pull pranks and mess around with. Please help!
Corsola, Luvdisc: "Please save my friend!"
Please rescue [name]! The beach feels empty without my usual friend...
Togetic, Blissey: "Please save my friend!"
We make each other happy--it's in our nature. Please save [name]!
Nidoran♂, Nidoran♀: "Please save my love!"
Please! Please rescue [name]! We're madly in love!
Nidorino, Nidorina: "Please save my love!"
Please rescue my precious [name]! We're in love! Please help!
Nidoking, Nidoqueen: "Please save my love!"
Please rescue [name]! We promised our futures together! Please!
Tauros, Miltank: "Please save my love!"
Please save my [name]! Now I know what [name] means to me...
Volbeat, Illumise: "Please save my love!"
Please save [name]! We're no good if we're not together!
Minun, Plusle: "Please save my love!"
I can't live without [name]! My heart is breaking! Please! Help!
Zangoose, Seviper: "Rescue my rival!"
Please rescue [name]! We detest each other, but we need each other!
Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan: "Rescue my rival!"
Please save [name]. We owe each other a game!
Lunatone, Solrock: "Rescue my rival!"
[name] can't leave without settling which one of us is better. Please help!
Omanyte, Kabuto: "Rescue my rival!"
[name] has been a rival since my ancestors' time. The rivalry can't end!
Lileep, Anorith: "Rescue my rival!"
We've been rivals with [name] for generations. It can't suddenly end like this!
Pichu, Pichu: "Please help my brother!"
My little brother Pichu disappeared! I'm really worried! Someone, please help!


Special flavor text can apply for escort missions involving these pairs of Pokemon. Either of the pair can be the client.

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