Mata Nui Online Game II

     This is an old game from that was a favourite of mine and my friends, and I decided to host it on my website. Have fun with this very buggy game that I never completed, and I'm not even sure if it can be completed.

NOTE: This game is supposed save via cookies; however it does not appear to be working. I will attempt to get a working save up and running. No guaruntees though.

WARNING: Please read the Readme before playing as it has important information. Below is a summary of things in the Readme for your convenience.

Readme Summary:
1. The game is winnable, but many problems still exist
2. Flash Player error detection is turned off, so you are in charge of discovering the errors
3. If a scene does not load properly type "kapura" then press "8" to reload the frame
4. WITHOUT A SAVE FEATURE YOU CANNOT DO THIS ATM, YOU WILL HAVE TO RESTART "It can be difficult to build a Kohlii stick to obtain the 100 widgets from Macku before Nokama's Proclamation. If you hear a bell before you have obtained the 100 widgets, close out the game and bring it back up again to restart the clock."
5. "If you lose the Ga-Koro Kohlii match against Onu-Koro you may become stuck at this point with no way of calling another match. To avoid this, backup your stats before the match, and, if you lose, restore your old stats. This may also happen in other Kohlii matches."
6. "Ta-Koro may sink into the lava (preventing you from leaving) before you have collected all of the crystals. This should not happen but to avoid it, simply collect all the crystals from the other Koros first."
7. A cheat exists where if you type "kapura" then press "0" will show the loading box, this is useful for finding wandering Matoran

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