Syphist's Gregchat 2.0 Twitch Chat Display

What is this?

This is a chat plugin that was reverse engineered from gregchat both the webpage, but mainly the javascript. I am unable to know the license on the original, so I am unsure whether or not this is allowed, although since the source is publicly available I will assume it is. If greg wishes to implement some of my fixes and additions. As for features it fully supports FFZ and BTTV emotes, and all Twitch emotes, including the basic face emotes like without breaking. It also has a custom fade out timer option which was an unimplemented feature in gregchat. All in all, a less buggy, a more supported, and constantly updated chat interface. All you need to do to use this is put it as a webpage source in your streaming program (CLR plugin in OBS) and it should be good to go.

How do I use it?

Just fill out the form below and click the button to generate a link. After you get the link add it as a website source in your streaming program of choice and it should just work from there! If for some reason it doesn't work there is some backup css as an option in an upcoming feature. As of now, you will need to manually edit it, if the font sizes are wrong, the classes username and message can be resized with CSS in OBS's CLR plugin until the feature is released.

What emotes work with it?

All emotes included in twitch along with all global and channel emotes in FrankerFaceZ and Better Twitch TV. (Although I would recommend skipping BTTV and getting the google chrome plugin BTTV4FFZ as it lets you use all the FFZ chat enhancing features which are less broken than BTTV's while still having all the emotes) Although it supports the FFZ emotes (and custom mod icons), it does not support the FFZ donator badge (this is a problem on FFZ's end) I may work on a fix though which may be an upcoming feature.

Let's get the link!

OK, just fill out the form below and click the button and a link will be generated for you!

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